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Samantha Ting; 22
Malaysian, currently studying in Taiwan.
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Mar 24, 2009
Twilight = Dusk♥
Twilight ,
the diffused light from the sky during the early evening or early morning when the sun is below the horizon and its light is refracted by the earth's atmosphere.

Twilight seems to be a beautiful moment..

Syn: Dusk.

A moment when i feel like a tiny lost lamb..

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@8:43 AM

Mar 19, 2009
My 22nd Big Day Greetingsss!!!♥
*Thanks somuch my Heartiess!! You all definitely made my day, my big day!! =)*

Lu lu. i tired. Sleep first ar. Good night babe. Wait till tomorrow morning then i wish you happy birthday, he he!

Happy birthday sweety:) Jiun here.

Happy birthday 2 u,
happy birthday 2 u,
happy birthday 2 ah luu ting,
happy birthday 2 u!!...
Luu luu, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 1st, wishur dream come true n all d best 2 ur future undertakin. 2nd, though u r gettin older but u're gettin prettier n prettier. ;-) 3rd,wishin u happy always, cheers always n laugh always. Lastly,treasure our friendship from d bottom of my heart. Baby luu, happy birthday n enjoy your lovely birthday!!hugss.. ;-)

Love always,

生日快乐我亲爱的宝子,蘑菇茹茹!祝你常常开心,事事如意!最重要当然是身体健康! *mwakz* love always, chen.

Happy birthday samting!

Bear~~Happy Birthday喔!这阵子你都没联络我勒!不过没关系,我是不会因为这样而忘了你的生日哦! 虽然这次不能帮你庆祝,但我答应你下次见面一定请你吃好吃的,哈哈。。。

荟茹 荟茹~

On ur bday i wish you much pleasure & joy;
I hope all of ur wishes come true.
May each hour & minute be filled with delight,
And ur bday be perfect for you!
God blessed!

Happy birthday !!! Am i the first person to wish you ? Hahaha . Hope i am .

Suddenly think if i able to be the first one who say birthday to u every year that is coming up tht will be great . Goodnite. :*


Luu luu, happy birthday to you!!a big bighug to my dearest sister..stay pretty and cool..n may all ur dreams come true..i love u muchiemuch!muaaaks!

Pretty lulu, wish you have a wonderful birthday and may your prettierness stay forever. Happy birthday darling.

Happy birthday gal!

Lu neng~ happy birthday to you! May all your wish come true this year ya! Muakss

Morning luu, its yr birthday again! HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 U.Ha...ha times fly so fast, 21 yrs over already. yea

Happy super sweet birthday princess~! Haha.. It's your day today..may all your wishes come true n the happy blessing be with you all the time...


Hi,how are u.happy birthday to u..@ 秋云

Hello pretty lady.. Here to wish you a Happy Birthday ! Have lots of fun today. Xoxo Joanne :)

Yo darling! Happy birthday 2 u o! Wish u all the best ho!

Happy birthday, Samantha. Although i don't know why you're not answering calls. I'm here just to wish you have a great birthday and great coming in your life. Happy 22nd birthday!

*I feel so loved iM gonna keep them in phone to ensure tht i get to read them again and again and AGAIN! =) *

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@10:41 AM

Mar 14, 2009
From the bottom of heart, I heart you all!!♥
3.29am - 15thmarch09

I was home an hour ago, from thai bar.
20+hrs till my 22nd birthday. oh mang.. i wish i could lose count of the number =p ahahah

This evening after hiphop class, Chen - Shian - Jiayee - Wah - Hung - Teckming - Yunhao threw me a mini suprise party!! =) Thanks somuch guys. I was stunned the minute i heard 'Happy Birthday.." coming from the stairs .. It's real sweeeet sweeet SWEeeet!! =)

Guys, i really appreciate the efforts. It's really lovely .. the flowers , the cake , the sUprise!
I felt like i havent really celebrated birthday for yearss..
It might seem like a 'mini party' , it means alot ... to me.
Thanks for always being there for me ..
Thanks for always sayang-ing me ..
Thanks for taking me as your bestie ..
Thanks for being my bestiesss!

How can i not heart you all?! =)

And specially to my lolo ...
You guide me along the way ,
You gimme faith ..
You motivate ..
You encourage ..
You advice ..
You make me understand ..
You've made me a better person ..

You know ..
You're a best friend ..
You're a soulmate ..
You're really a great sister.
I cant imagine how it's gonna be one day when you get married .. Oh mang~~ Lol.
I Love You Somuch LoLo!! Thankss for everything, all and all!!

And meimei ...
You're gonna fly in 7hrs..
and damndamn, i bu she de .. .
we're 3yrs diff. but then your maturity, your wiseness, your intelligence ...
never make me feel tht you're a LITTLE sis =)
I love you mei, somuch!! You and lolo ...~~~

iM so loved.
iM so blessed. =)
Whenever the loneliness strikes, you guys fill my emptiness.
Day by day, i've come to understand ..
Life is in my hand ,
I've made who i am today ..
And iM responsible to make who i want to be in days to come.

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@12:29 PM

Mar 10, 2009
I miss being independent!♥
It's 12.23am - 11th March 09

I was extra-ordinarily excited thruout the night. I wonder if itz the caffeine of mocha i had after dinner , or was it bcuz the dull-ness and the blue-ness tht striked.. ?

Lots to spill ..
Remain unrevealed , eventually .
In a way, Relieved - i feel.

Thanks for the talk, the laughters over the phone.
I like your answers for the self-confident thingy btw.

"You're coming back for good?"
(Damn, not a good question) Miri is an ideal place to live in, miri is Home, miri is still the comfort zone.. but frankly, to settle down just like tht ..? i doubt ~ if i would regret. Well, iM pretty sure i would. .

Mei told me an exciting news this evening.
It's really a Dream-Come-True, if it happens to be the way i want it to be ..

Btw, one of the major reasons iM so reluctant to stay home - I feel so not-motivated, due to my very-relying-on-ppl-personality, whenever there's ppl for me to rely on. This is when i really geram over myself. Life feels wonderful and meaningful and somuch contented when you get to stand on your own, managing yourself .. That is when you feel you're right on the path, moving closer and closer towards your goal! and i miss that!!

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@9:23 AM