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Malaysian, currently studying in Taiwan.
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Oct 31, 2008
Blogging Time!

HAPPY BELATED HALLOWEEN PEEPS!! Did you all have fun? disguising pumpkin, kittycat

and stuffs~~? My friends and i were planning to attend a halloween party thrown

somewhr at the city, but then we ended up cancelling the plan as there're piles of

works to rush within this weekend.

B.T.W., it's MAYDAY LIVE IN PROVIDENCE U TONIGHT!!! So HEEehehehee =D , i stayed

in room the whole night, tying braids and braids and still braids with my windows

open wideeee, so tht i can listen to 五月天!! ^,^

iM kinda pekchek i didnt go to the concert, didnt get to see them. While

walking back to dorm justnow in the evening, i passed by the stadium where i usually

jog, and oso happened to be the venue where they were holding the concert, i heard 阿

信 singing! (rehearsal-ing) and then it was 諺明 testing the drums. Could merely see

them from where i stood, quite a distance from the stage actually.

But it's not bad though.. i get to do my works and enjoy the live band, FOC =)

Anyway, it's 1.19am now. My brain isnt really functioning already. I was planning to

continue with the sewing of my barbie's dress.. Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day -

hafta collect my model's baju ; find accessories ; buy crystals, beads.. all the

materials to be added onto the baju.. huuhuuu. .and the barbie has to be submitted

by monday, BAd bad*. This weekend's gonna be "RUSHING BARBIE'S BAJU DAYS"

P/S: Before i ended, allow me to say , "CHUCK!!"(yelling) AHahaha!!

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@10:05 AM

Oct 30, 2008
The hairstyle kena rejected lerr♥
Post for today.
Again.. as planned, i was supposed to be sleeping by now, but yeayea, iM still here, wanting to write something for today before sleep.

The hairstyle iM doing for the graduation show has totally being rejected by My-very-lihai-hairdressing-But-doesntknow-how-to-teach-Teacher. Everything seems so easy to him, but gosh~ we arent even good with the basis. iM actually pretty good with the hairstyle i come out with, i think it's nice..gorgeous =) but haiya~ see how larr.. if i have the mood, i'll come out with something tht 'suits his taste'; and if not, i'll just stick to mine ;) Beautiful, elegant, ancient goddess look ok.

TOmoro morning iM gonna go jogging! =D
Since the weather is still pretty warm, i shall grab the chance to work out more ^,^
Goodnight peeps! my roommate is staring at me from her bed, i can feel tht haahah.. she's prolly wondering why iM still not off-ing the light since she's said tht she's going to bed. Ok ok. iM off. =)

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@8:42 AM

Oct 29, 2008
First of all, "THAT BUG.." - It left without saying Goodbye , i guess ~ ;)

Ok now wht .. Let's see . .
I was trying to figure out the 'template', so tht i can change away the picture in my blog with a more latest one.. but then it seems abit too complicated, so i guess i'll just leave it this way till i seek help frm chen.

I hate to say, but iM feeling so miserable at the moment. Mid-term is coming and i feel like shit. There's quiz and reportsss and phototaking session and the graduation show...!!!! DAMN! It's actually a waste of time to arrange us with some of the classes! Particularly Today's Class - Lecturer doesntknow wht to teach, and each and every time of this stupid class, we're asked to be there punctually at 1.10pm; sit back and listen to the lecturer to forcefully dig words out of her tiny brain; and then giving comments(trying to show tht she is the lecturer), which is TOTALLY NOT HELPING! GOSH! and as the leader of my group, i hafta leave dorm at 7.30am starting from next thurs to borrow equipments for her class. 7.30am!! meaning i hafta wakeup at 6am! & meaning, same goes for Winter!! Who wakesup tht early?! And.. MID-TERM REPORT! DAMN!! WE DONT NEED THT OK?!! You know time is running out for us? Wasting 2hrs SITTING, i mean really 'SITTING' in your class is just SO DAMN!!

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@7:37 AM

Oct 28, 2008
A random post (bt i found out i can actually bs alot, potential to be a writer? AHa! =p)♥
iM not sleepy
But iM going to sleep!

Thought i should blog abit, atleast leave a word or two before jumping onto my bed =)

Plan was to turn in by 12am, but then blur me to go re-painting my nails 7mins before 12am.. and due to the-ngenge-paint-till-dontknow-howmany-Layerss, i had to wait for >1/2hr before tht 10 tiny purpl-ies to dry. And as usual, i accidentally scratched one of them, again. Anyway, it's toobad i cant show you all how Beautyful they actually are, in Purple! =) (phone no cable and there's no way i can figure out why it cant be transfered via bluetooth)

B.T.W. , there's this bug with wings here distracting me by flying in a circle, as if it's running in a standard 400m stadium, rounds and rounds and roundss. It's been here since half an hour ago, and i dont think it's worthy to spoil my nails for IT, so i actually said "gimme 1/2hr and you'll see". Obviously, insects are still insects. can never understand human's language. But then, killing an insect is still a sin. so iM just gonna switch off the light and we'll see if it goes away tomorrow ;)

Goodnight peeps. and goodnight to you too, lil'bug.

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@9:34 AM

Oct 27, 2008
"WE'RE STILL FRIENDS" , is a phrase heard during break-ups around the world.
But is it feasible?
Sure, it just takes alil' time..

Separation + Time + New Relationships --> Friendship with an ex

- Interesting. I came across this in COsmosgirl =)

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@3:46 AM

Oct 26, 2008
Chuck Bass to My Rescue =p♥
I've been so blank , ever since the day i decided to allow myself to stay blank, some time 2weeks ago? just so tht i can sleep at nights. And it's bad, cuz iM now in the state where , "No ideas + No productions -> Insomnia" . Darn

Therefore, i literally distract myself away from the crapss.. and fill in my BLank-ness by watching GossipGirl! =D

Nate is hot . but CHUCK is Sexy! CHUCK BASS!! OhMy~ ^,^

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@6:19 AM

Oct 19, 2008

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@6:16 AM

Oct 18, 2008
我愛一切美麗的事物(難道你不是嗎?) =p♥

今晚有股莫名的空虛, 但也有股莫名的開心..一直不由自主地微笑.. ,which is a good thing, in a

way, i guess ?! =)

我在看"這裏發現愛", 12集了吧. 我其實不太看台灣的偶像劇,太沒劇情,太不真實了. 這部其實我也沒有真的

在追, 看一集,跳四集? 哈哈. 反正我會去下載都是為了看關穎和王傳一! you know you know, 視覺上的享

受 =D

^,^ 王傳一傳王 wOotsWoOtsWOoooOotss!! 帥,倒還好.可是他就是不一樣,他不像台灣的男生(EHey iM not gonna 'criticize' them so publicly..), maybe i should say, "unlike MOST of the guys here.." (winkie)

王傳一 : "我想要快點離開, 因為有你在的地方, 我無法呼吸.." (When the girlfriend brokeup wid

AaWwwww.. i wish he said tht to me , and i would .. i dont know. i just wish i were

the leading actress, the he-so-dying-to-love-girlfriend! ANd know wht, if i were, i

would use any tactic to make the series as panjang as 意難忘 (howmany epi was tht

oredy? >1000epi?) WhOoHhooo!! (winkiewinkieWINK)

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@6:43 AM

Oct 15, 2008

想要列出所有問題, 然後一一解決..可,我沒有勇氣..害怕面對可能無法解決的問題.

我知道這是逃避, 我也清楚逃避不會讓問題就此消失..

每當腦袋浮現所謂的種種問題時, 心裡有股懦弱湧上,指使並禁止其深入探討..

我感覺心臟不斷地在"收縮", 彷彿要把自己像馬陸自衛般,捲起來..變的小小的,不然自己看見他人,也就此

安慰自己他人也看不見自己. .

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@7:45 AM

L o v e♥
Love is
Not to forget but to forgive,
Not to see but to understand,
Not to hear but to listen,
Not to let go but to Hold on.

Find a guy,
Who calls you Beautiful instead of hot.
Who calls you back when you hang up on him.
Who stays awake just to watch you sleep.

The guy,
Who kisses your forehead.
Who wants to show you off to the world when you are in your sweats.
Who holds your hand in front of his friends.
Who is constantly reminding you of HowMuch He Cares about you and How Lucky He is to Have You.

The One who turns to his friends and says, '...That's Her.' =)

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@7:28 AM

Oct 14, 2008
处於年少時期, 我們會覺得一切都是永恆 ..

青春永恆 . 友情永恆 . 生命永恆 .
戀愛的甜蜜是永恆 ; 失戀的哀傷也是永恆

可是, 慢慢地..我們會知道,

唯一永恆的, 只有那些經過歲月淬練後依然存在的美好

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@9:15 PM

Oct 10, 2008
CHANEL NO.5 !!!♥
Nothing is Happier ... !! ;)

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@9:33 AM

Oct 6, 2008
Why Guys Dump Girls They Dig♥
1. The Timing Is Off !

2. We're Not Finished Playing the Field !!

3. We're Fixated on the Worst-Case Scenario ?!?

4. We're in Like, Not in Love !?

5. We're Too into You ??!!?!

Just when you thought it was all bad news, here's a hard-to-fess-up admission: Guys are

protective of their emotions. Translation: We're scared of being hurt. So, if we start to feel like

we're getting into a situation where we'll be destroyed if you dump us, we might launch a

preemptive strike and yank the plug first. For Gary, 27, showing his girlfriend of two years the

exit felt like the only choice. "She was the first girl I was serious with, and I didn't like letting

someone have that much power over me. I was starting to feel emotionally needy, and that was

uncomfortable for me," he recalls. "So I ditched her to save myself!"

Sounds crazy, but cut us some slack. Think about how vulnerable and paranoid you feel when you're nuts about a guy, and realize that we go through the same thing with girls we really like. But our friends aren't as good at helping us get over an ex as yours are, plus being openly heartbroken makes us look like wusses. Nope, it's better to act like a winner before you turn us into a loser, which is when our natural self-preservation may come into play. Before the real humiliation and pain assail us like a plague, ending the relationship seems like a good option.

OH YEAA ??!?<strong>

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@7:52 AM