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Malaysian, currently studying in Taiwan.
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May 28, 2008
My Baby Mekmek!♥

Olivia Ting
@ Via @ BirdieVia

This attractive young lady, who has just turned 17 half year ago, is my lil' sista!

I love her I sayang her I adore her!!! =D

Not to mention her perfect apprearance, she has a great great great personality - outgoing, cute, hardworking, owes knows wht she's aftering, rational, smart.. A responsible daughter/sista/leader .. and she has a great sense of humour! =D toomuch to list out ^^^

Mekmek has all that wonderful characteristic i wish i had in me.me.me =) and tht's why i always tell her i would definitely go after her if iM a guy!! AHaaha!

iM just so proud of her!! Muaksy **

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@12:43 AM

May 25, 2008
Damn Damn Damn !!!

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@10:33 PM

May 23, 2008
Move On!!♥

Cut the crap

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@11:02 PM

May 21, 2008
One thing you would do ...♥
What's the One thing you would do if your life is gonna come to an end within 24hrs?

What's the One thing in the past you would change if you're allowed to?

What's the One thing you would change in your current life if you're given the opportunity to?

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@5:59 AM

21st May♥
15mins to class.

iM bored.

My roommate is napping, my room is dark.

iM drowsy.

I've just gone thru the news on earthquake in sichuan, so heart-broken tht i cant bear to go on with the news anymore.

Natural disasters . . .

*Fingers crossed*

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@1:15 AM

May 19, 2008
4 weeks away♥
An exam's coming up tomorrow and i havent even started reading for it. but iM not even worried bout not having enough time to finish it Hahaha, bcuz ive got a whole morning tomorrow to telan buku. and tht explains why iM still here ^,^

Today's just another Monday, a raining Monday. After class i went uni bookstore to check out on novels, and by the time i came out it was already pouring, so i had to run in the rain.n.nn back to dorm. But then again it's just a very very Very short distance larr EHeehhe

Cod Fish My favorite Cod fish! Had deep-fried cod fish rice for dinner. If only it's GRILLED, instead of fried, would be much YuMmiEerr!

WOopps 9.30pm already. Ok i gotta admit my heart stopped beating for a sec when i saw the time seconds ago.. Oklarr, need to stop loooo... Before i doze off, due to lack-ing of sleep lastnight.
Goodnight in advance! Muaks

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@6:13 AM

May 11, 2008
Happy Mama's Day!!♥
Okie, Title is just a title. The following content has nothing to do with my Happy Mama's Day title, just to let you know =)

"iM a mixed-blood child", popped out of my head so randomly in bus this morning HEe..

Let me explain : My Beloved Grandpa - Foochow
My Beloved Grandma - Melanau
So, My Daddeh - 50% Foochow 50% Melanau
And so, i happen to be 25% Foochow 25% Melanau

"Mixed-blood", always followed by a "Woahh!" (Ppl normally react tht way). Dont think i need to explain much, as we all have the same thought i guess, where Mixed-blood child is beautiful, with the eyes bigger, blue eyeballs, darker brows, perky nose..blablaa
But a Melanau mixed ? Hahah.. not being discriminative, Proud to be 25% Melan. But then, i bet this does difer from other combination of a Japanese + Chinese , Indian + English , Russian + ...., you know. . =p

Anyway, it's sad to say but iM the only one in my family who have never been to Mukah, the origin of Melanaus. As i chose to stay back in miri for a basketball tournament yearsss ago.
The small town is now developing itself at a rapid pace. A resort is built.. Maybe i really shall pay a visit there, hor Ddy? =)

It's getting late already. 15mins to 12am, i was supposed to sleep at 11pm. Aahh!
Night Peepz!! i had troubles logging into my page justnow, hope it wont happen again tomorrow *Fingers crossed*

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@8:01 AM

May 9, 2008
Thanks Chenchen for creating me this brand-new blog! =)

Due to the very absent-minded me, both the username and password of my previous blogspot are totally wiped away from my memory* =p

First post. So this's just gonna be a short and simple one.

HOoLA!! I now officially annouce tht, i'll be blogging HERE for the following days, years to come.. I promise this'll be a blog filled with all sorts of Feeelinggss. you know, Happyness*Excitement*sometimes abit of sorrows larr. complaints larr... And ofcourse beautifully-taken pictures of my greatiee love and loved oness will be posted! =)

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@6:06 AM