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Malaysian, currently studying in Taiwan.
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Jan 22, 2009
all of a sudden ..


She was here at
@7:44 AM

16th March Baby♥
Calm and understated.

You struggle to express your love with words.

Over time, your partner learns to recognize your passion by the actions you take.

You're good at wooing someone slowly, without them even realizing it!

Number of True Loves You'll Have: 5
Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 1

You are most compatible with people born on the 7th, 16th, and 25th of the month.

She was here at
@6:29 AM

Peeeepss !
I just had my dinner + snackieess = super full
I wanna gain weight gain weight.. Eeh no no no, the exact word should be 'grow meat!' lol. I realize i really need to grow some meat. (Lo, i still remember sometime 6,7yrs ago..you told me bout the typical city women..And No, i dont wanna look like them!) hehhee

Chinese New Year is just around the corner!
Sekin and I are still hunting for restaurants to have our reunion dinner hehehe.. Btw, we've succeeded to gather yoyo(nic) and meimei(zhensheng) to eat with us, and if Ah Jun will not be joining us, i guess we'll just have Thai cuisine; But if he's joining us, then we'll leave the decision to him, as he's the oldest (AHaha kidding kidding) He masters the roads all over Taiwan, so now you see why..?! =)

People people people!!
I have something to share with ...
Guess where i went yesterday??
THE SOUL DANCE !! WHoOohoo!~! It's like a dream comes true ahahah.. I had this undescribable excitement the moment i stepped into the studio. Oh My~~ I so love the place. I so adore their dances/their skills!
I attended their Girl HipHop class yesterday and know wht peeps.. Dancing with them is gonna become my routine tomorrow onwards! ^,^

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@3:31 AM

Jan 21, 2009

作詞:李焯雄 作曲:周杰倫 編曲:吳慶隆

突然發現站了好久 不知道要往哪走
還不想回家的我 再多人陪只會更寂寞
許多話題關於我 就連我也有聽過
我的快樂要被認可 委曲卻沒有人訴說

夜把心 洋蔥般剝落
拿掉防衛剩下什麼 為什麼脆弱時候想你更多

如果你也聽說 有沒有想過我
像普通 舊朋友 還是你 依然會心疼我
好多好多的話想對你說 懸著一顆心沒著落
要怎麼負荷 捨不得又無可奈何

如果你也聽說 會不會相信我
對流言 會附和 還是你 知道我還是我
跌跌撞撞才明白了許多 懂我的人就你一個
想到你想起我 胸口依然溫熱

許多話題關於我 就連我也有聽過
我想我寧可都沉默 解釋反而顯得做作

如果你也聽說 有沒有想過我
像普通 舊朋友 還是你 依然會心疼我
跌跌撞撞才明白了許多 懂我的人就你一個
想到你想起我 胸口依然溫熱
如果你想起我 你會想到什麼

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@7:58 AM

Jan 20, 2009

作詞:姚謙 作曲:Keith Stuart 編曲:Keith Stuart 演唱:戴愛玲/本多Ruru

你問在我心中 是否還苦惱 那次受傷 否決了愛的好
謝謝你的關照 我一切都好 一個人 不算困擾
愛雖然很美妙 卻不能為了寂寞 又陷了泥沼

愛要耐心等待 仔細尋找 感覺很重要
寧可空白了手 等候一次 真心的擁抱
我相信在這個世界上 一定會遇到 對的人出現 在眼角

那次流過的淚 讓我學習到 如何祝福 如何轉身不要
在眼淚體會到 與自己擁抱 愛不是一種需要 是一種對照
愛雖然很美妙 卻不能為了寂寞 又陷了泥沼

愛要耐心等待 仔細尋找 感覺很重要
寧可空白了手 等候一次 真心的擁抱
我相信在這個世界上 一定會遇到 對的人出現

誰願意為了一份愛付出去多少 然後得到多少並不計較
當我想清楚了時候 我就算已經準備好
放手去愛 海闊天高 oh~~ya~~

愛要耐心等待 仔細尋找 感覺很重要
寧可空白了手 等候一次 真心的擁抱
我相信這世界上 一定會遇到 對的人出現

愛要耐心等待 仔細尋找 感覺很重要
寧可空白了手 等候一次 真心的擁抱
我相信在這個世界上 一定會遇到 對的人出現

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@12:10 AM

Jan 19, 2009
我怎麼了 ..♥

I finally bought myself new pair of boots today! =)

剛7+pm買好靴子就回來了. 我答應雪塋說要把房間整個整理一遍, 現在看起來舒服多了 ^,^

我吃花生吃得好飽 ~~

電視機還是沒有訊號, 大概是剛剛的維修工人忘了把插頭接回去吧.
"如果你也聽說" - 張惠妹 , 你聽過嗎? .. 我好喜歡. 聽了那麼多遍, 其實我從來沒仔細注意過她的歌詞, 只是單純地喜歡她的旋律..似乎很有感觸的樣子. 今晚不知道一再地聽了多少遍..



...... ........ ..........

朝著目標邁進! =) "加油!"

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@6:46 AM

大家都回家了 ..

昨天晚上蟲蟲和思吉他們在我們家呆到3.30am,阿俊就接他們到機場去了.. 連蟲蟲都回家了, 真的很靜耶~

本來打算送他們離開之後就上床睡覺了, 哪知道跟學塋聊阿聊的..不知不覺就5.30am了. 她吵著要下去買豆漿, 反正我又睡不著(不知道為什麼好像一直處於亢奮狀態 哈!), 所以就到樓下買了早餐回來. 我大概8.30am才逼自己睡覺吧~ 可是只睡不到5個小時就醒來了.

其實今天早上一邊吃早餐一邊跟學塋聊天時, 我忽然驚覺自己似乎應該警惕一點. 之後就一直反覆地思考著同樣的問題.. 我是不是一時緊張,慌了腳步.. 我有種狗急跳牆的感覺. . .

我希望是自己多心了 ...

Never ever treat this as a game please, as i know i cant afford to lose ..

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@5:23 AM

Jan 15, 2009
欣雯is leaving !♥
Good Morning! It's 9.28am, and iM sitting still in front of my pc, waiting for my clothes in the tumble dryer. Stayed up all night with the two loveliess, 欣雯and美婷.. Actually by 2am, i was already 'fishing', but then i really didnt want to sleep and wakeup to see 雯 off just like tht. Therefore, i ngenge struggled.. hahaha then till around 4am, she asked if we wanted to have breakie at 永和豆漿, together with her BF (our so-called 大哥 in class),龍傳 and Melvis. Due to the door-opening time of dorm is 6am, i had to struggle for another 2more hrs. But then by 5.10am, i really beh tahan oredy, so i jumped onto 美婷's bed and took a short nap till 6am. The guys were oredy waiting outside our dorm, which was really rare for them to be so punctual. hahahah! but then again everything happens for a reason. They were really hungry, i think~ as their orders kept coming in and in, continuosly~~ hahaha

know wht peeps, i really need to nap awhile.. cannot tahan oredy.
*To be continued...

She was here at
@5:28 PM

*My SweetBitterSweetBitterSweetBitterSweet*♥
*My SweetBitterSweetBitterSweetBitterSweet*

Heehhe.. i want 'bitter' to be surrounded with 'sweet', i dontcare!

Frankly, iM now trying to not let my mood being dragged down.. as by tomorrow noon i'll have to see one of my closest friends off , so iM prohobiting myself to think about it at all tonight =( iM sure i'll miss her alot .. although now she's only 2 steps away from me, i miss her. 欣雯~欣雯~ I've promised her to write a post of her in my blog. Lemme introduce this lovelie to you all very soon!

Bytheway, I had a GREAT time tonight ^,^
My SweetBitterSweetBitterSWEET =))
I prefer keeping the details to myself ;)
Although i still dont feel so right about everything, .. it seems like a good beginning? =) hehhe..i dontknow. but i definitely like this guy.

goodnight peeps! goodnight My SBS! =)

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@9:40 AM

Jan 13, 2009
為什麼不是你 ..

Do you know tht you were the one i turned to, the other night when i was feeling so helpless? .. Hugging cell close to my heart, awaiting for your replies was the way i calmed myself .. .

Do you know tht i've never shown somuch .. ?

Have you really no idea about everything?

I wish i knew wht's on your mind.

She was here at
@9:59 AM

Jan 12, 2009
13 Jan 2009♥
I havent had much sleep recently. No other reasons, it's purely 'dont feel like sleeping' hehhe ;)

iM slowly moving into my new place and tomorrow morning shall be shifting everything over and by friday, i'll be officially graduating and leaving providence u, After getting my cert =)

Most of my friends have gone back to m'sia. This coming cny will be a pretty quiet one i guess~ Btw, the guy called 阿俊, who always picks us up and down has invited my friend and i to have reunion dinner, together with the other two ex-students from fengjia! hehhee.. sounds good, as he knows taichung very well and we wouldnt end up having reunion dinner at McD looo! =p

12mins to leave for class. I've registered myself into a short course of making breakie(s). It's so cold outside.. i wish i could hug my heater with me everywhere.
According to the news, taichung will remain as cold till cny, which is bad~ HmMmm Hmmm~~ dont feel like moving much you see?~ bad~ i miss the sun Oh sun !!

Ok,7mins more. Cant afford to be late today, as ive missed 2classes (Ehh i feel bad)!
=( i have to walk all the way down from dorm to the bus station opposite uni. OhMy~ Cold ~~~ My fingers and toes are pretty much frozen. Heater, i need you!!

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@8:04 PM

Jan 10, 2009
Lion King♥
Bored Bored Bored iM soooo Bored ~

Ohyeah! we finally went clubbing lastnight at this club named 'Lion King'. But then ive really got to say, it pretty much sucks in everything, especially the liqours! Itz more like we were drinking sprite, cola, laichi..~~Bad! But then again, those who ever been there claim tht lastnight was exceptionally sux lorr. as in the choices of liquors were less by half, the Dj(s) wasnt the usual one...blablaa
Btw, iM notsure if this is how all the clubs here run, but then liquors are all FOC!and i guess tht's why we shouldnt expect somuch larr~~ ahahaha
All we need to pay for is the covercharge(gurls FOC) and the so-called room we reserved earlier on.

Time to sleep! Goodnight peeps! ;)

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@9:34 AM

Jan 6, 2009
It hurts ..
When i received thousands of greetings, you weren't even one of them ..

It hurts ..
When i finally gather my guts to lookforyou, your replies are never the same again ..

It hurts ..
When i thought the diary meant something..(To you,itz probably just plain 'courtesy')

It hurts ..
When iM forced to accept the fact tht my dreams are dreams tht'll never cometrue ..

It hurts ..
When i thought i would be ok, until i saw you the other night ..

It hurtss ..
Whenever i think of you .. ...

She was here at
@9:16 AM

Jan 4, 2009
A day to remember, 3rd Jan 08 =)♥
I cut my hair short! so super short. iM pretty fine with my new hairstyle, except the fringe~,which makes me look like a lil' gurl. HmmmHmmm.. .. It was supposed to make me look 'gesi gesi' like tht ok?! ahahahaah =p
However, having this short hair really does make a difference, light/burdenless/'COLD~~~~~' (my winter is getting colder) AHahaha

I've got alot to share..alot until i dontknow where to start. .so i decided to blog bout my tripsss, only after i move out of dorm and settle down, which is probably after a week or two from now.

I havent had much sleepss recently. Gonna jump into my warmmmy now. Muakss!


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@8:41 AM

Jan 1, 2009

I just got back frm Taipei this evening. It's super cold in taichung now WHooOo~~
Btw, i finally witnessed the fireworks at Taipei 101! Buahaha! Last year i slipped the chance, and i bet you will all laugh your heads off if you know how i 'countdown-ed' last year .. hehehe .. While everyone was heading towards taipei for the new-year-concert/firworks, I, together with a few friends of mine were rushing back to dorm. Dont ask me why! HaA! I dont know ok!? =p

Anyway anyway, i havent stopped travelling since graduated. Loadss of pics to share with you all. but, wait till i really settle off ;) Eheheh!
Tht's all for now. i wanna gain my sleepss~~~ TOmorrow 'da bin lou' *WoOts!WoOts!* =D


What are your Wishes?? Tell me in my chatbox =) or you may whisper to my ear ;) ShHhhh~~ =p Your wishes(secret) safe with me! ahahaha~ WHAT?!

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@8:40 AM